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A one button game where you joust with a jet propelled ball.

Made for the GMTK gameJam - Dual purpose design. Made with Game Maker Studio for Windows. Music by Waterflame: Richochet Love, Rivals, Killstealer. Game by Parakiitz Finigini.

One button does four things. When on the ground, the ball jumps with an upward thrust. When in the air, the ball is propelled forward and its decent is slowed. If the button is held when the ball land on the ground, the ball will change directions. If the button is held when the ball hits a wall, the ball will wall-jump.

Another aspect of dual purpose design is the weapons surrounding and circling the ball. Not only are they used for damaging enemies, but they are also an indication of the player's health. The more damage the player takes, the smaller the radius of the weapons become.

Install instructions

Double click the executable.


JetballJoust.exe 8 MB

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